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You are Dispensable

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“For,” said Peter, “it is written in the book of Psalms, “‘May his place be deserted; let there be no one to well in it, ‘and, “‘May another take his place of leadership” Acts 1:20.

There is no man or women on earth that is indispensable. No one is irreplaceable. For God’s purpose to fail, He would rather change personnel. For instance, David took the place of Saul. Matthias was chosen, in the stead of Judas Iscariot. There is always someone better to take the place of any man or women. However, not until a man displaces himself, he remains irreplaceable.

What are those things that provoke the replacement of men/women: either in the programme of God or in secular things?

When one is tired of God’s vision, God effects a better replacement. Elijah got tired of the work of God and he began to complain to God. 1 Kings 19:4 says “And he requested for himself that he might die; and said it is enough…” For every room, there are men that have been groomed for them. When Elijah retired, Elisha was re-fired. 

Another thing that provokes replacement is pride. For instance, Vashti has always been answering her husband whenever he beckoned on her. But one day, pride sets in, all because she was very beautiful. She refused the king’s call. That day she lost her place to a slave girl called Esther.

One more thing that causes replacement is lack of discipline and drive to improve on one’s performance. You may be anointed today but if you don’t maintain the anointing, it diminishes tomorrow. When you refuse to develop yourself, increase your knowledge, increase your value and thus, make yourself more marketable, you will definitely experience a diminishing. And when diminishing sets in, God will always arrange a replacement. 

To be replaced for whatever reason either by God or man is a disgrace. Always see yourself as someone replaceable. Humble yourself. Increase your value per day through reading, training and learning. Make sure you get better every day. God is your strength. You will not fail.

Prophetic Prayers 

I receive grace to make a maximum impact in life in Jesus’ name.  

Help me reload myself each day. Help me to do something that will increase my value.  

The fire in my life will keep burning; the oil in my lamp shall not go down.  

I rebuke pride in my life today; grant me grace to walk uprightly in your presence everyday.  In the name of Jesus

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