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Accusations are Inevitable

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“Blessed are you when men hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man.” Luke 6:22.


It is not what men say about you that really matters. It is what you believe about yourself. People always fight and accuse what they do not understand, the mind will always resent what it cannot master. Behind every false accusation, slander and backbiting is jealousy, fear, inferiority complex, insecurity, incompetence and so on. Someone said Satan does not fight what he does not fear. So, wars are fought because of ignorance and fear. Throughout human history, champions have had their names soiled and stained. Accusations and slanderous lies have come against great political leaders as well as ministers. This is life!


Daniel was accused of violating the law; Joseph was falsely accused of raping his employer’s wife. Paul was accused of arousing mobs through hatred and division concerning the belief systems of religious people. Countless accusations were hurled like stones against Jesus every day of His life, but it never affected Him. He was accused of being filled with devils Matthew 12:24.


I have been accused of doing witchcraft by someone that I thought loved me because of my work in deliverance and healing. I later discover that the person who accused me was into witchcraft. False and baseless accusations always die naturally. Each time Satan incites people to insult, criticize, and accuse you falsely, please know that at that moment, there is something he (satan) dreads about you.


Your enemies and critics will always want to stain or tarnish your reputation. You must rise above that fact. Never open your mouth to defend yourself, make sure that accusation is not true after all. It will fizzle out like smoke. Where you have once been relegated, you will be celebrated. God will defend you, you will not fail. You are lifted!


Prayer Points  

Heavenly Father, I refuse to waste time concerning myself with what others say about me in Jesus’ Name.

Make me a person of goodness, truth, character and integrity in Jesus’ Name.

Every trap set for me by enemies concerning words of my mouth shall be disorganized in Jesus’ Name.

Oh Lord, make my life an epitome of integrity.

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