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Go back to the 70's

No, I'm not talking about fashion if I say go back to the 70's.  I'm talking about sitting by the table to eat as a family, praying before you eat, thanking the person who prepared the meal, reading the Bible after dinner every night as a family, praying as a family after you've read the Bible, praying before you go to bed at night - ON YOUR KNEES - not lying on your back!

Bring back Assembly in the mornings in all the schools.  If the false religions do not like this let them built their own schools. 

Let the children that are misbehaving in schools do duties such as cleaning the school grounds, the toilets, the classrooms wearing a T-shirt saying that they were misbehaving.  It should make them feel ashamed.  Then they will not behave like that again.

Every President should start every meeting with a prayer to ask God for His guidance.

Look after the elderly, and listen to the elderly as they know more than most of you.

Respect your parents, Respect yourself, and Respect others.

Stop having sex before marriage; you're definitely the worth the wait for the person God has chosen as a life partner for you.

Start wearing clothes that actually fit your body.  No one wants to see your "love handles" hanging over your jeans like an muffin.  No one wants to see your underpants or panty.  It is disgusting and just shows that you have no respect for yourself.

Parents STOP giving your kids money because you feel that you're neglecting them by working so hard.  Work from 8 to 5 and spend time with your children.  Not sitting in front of the television. Spend time with them in the pool, the garden; teach them something new, like taking care of the garden.  Give them chores; it is good for children to work for spending money rather than getting it for free.  If they worked for it then they appreciate it more and will definitely NOT buy a pair of shoes that could feed a family for two or even more days.

Parents DON'T drop your children off at the mall.  This is where they do drugs, have sex in toilets.  Go to the mall with them.  Even if you're just close by and they know it they will behave.

Don’t let your daughters be picked up outside the house, let the boyfriend come in to greet and meet you.

Go to church. Give your tithe. Remember churches use the tithe to provide for the homeless, the hungry, the upkeep of the church building and grounds.  Your Pastor is definitely not earning a big salary.

Husbands, start to say good morning to your wife with a kiss.  Give your wife a hug and kiss before you leave the house even if you're just going to the shop at the corner.  Take your wife out for a special night at least one a week. 

Wives, start flirting with your husbands.  Make sure that your hair, make-up and clothes look presentable at all times.  Varnish your nails, shave your legs.  Dress as if you're going on your first date.  Then your husband will not look at other women.  Have respect for your body. 

Husbands and Wives: Your relationship with each other should be like when you were courting one another.

Greet your neighbors in the mornings.  Drive at the speed limit.  Be considerate when you're driving.  Be considerate when at the supermarket. 

Teach your children to help the community. Teach the boys to stand up for a girl. Teach the children to pick up something that an elder person dropped by accident. Teach your children etiquette. If you teach them, they will teach their children.

Switch off the cell phone at night. No cell phones at the table. Switch of the phone in Church

Stop swearing. Stop using the Lords name in vain. Think before you speak.

Be nice! Smile!

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